Introducing AI

AI Lesson with Year 4

Topic: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

Grades 4

Time: 45mins

Aim: Identifying and using Artificial Intelligence


Display images of AI for the children to look at. For example:

Open discussion with children.

What AI have you had experience with?

Name some AI you have used today?

Give students time to share stories and interactions they have experienced. Did the AI help? How? When is it not helpful? Give examples.

Play a game of recognition.

One student is blindfolded. Other students come forward and the blindfolded students identifies listening to another student describe (or if students comfortable being touched this could also be used).  Play again this time using objects from around the classroom.

Introduce Seeing AI app.



Using the ‘scene’ feature, select items around the room and see if they are identified and described successfully. The app describes with voice and text.

This is Seeing AI app identifying puppy on bench.


How could this app be used? Who would benefit from using it?

More features on the app could be explored.


Finish session by defining what makes Artificial Intelligence? For example….. today our iPads using Seeing AI were copying or ‘mimicking’ human behaviours. Through speech and vision.


Design algorithms represented diagrammatically and in English, and trace algorithms to predict output for a given input and to identify errors

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