hello from Wangaratta! NE Vic. #SecondaryAI

Hello there, I’m Maree Timms from Galen Catholic College, Wangaratta.

I’m interested in learning about AI, as there seems to be so much talk about it and this is the world our students will be entering into.

I also love learning new things, but hate the idea of taking on further study at university, as I don’t have the time, energy or motivation to do that. Whereas CSER Moocs are easily accessible, are free, and I can do at my own pace and have VIDEOS!! My preferred way of learning!

I started teaching In the BC era ( Before Computers) so I’m ancient in that regard, but feel I have a young mind! I have quickly adapted over the years and absolutely love technology, and see it as a great teaching tool.

I am worried that education is stuck in the dark ages, and we are not preparing our students as well as we could be, due to the edu systems checks and balances. Kids/people can teach themselves anything these days, so the teachers role is changing. I’m doing this course as I’m interested in discovering more about AI and how it will effect the future job force that my students will be entering.

I “facilitate” a successful robotics program at my school, and my students and I recently got to meet Nicci Rossouw at her Exaptec Robotics Company, and met some of her AI robots.

She was passionate about how Service Robots can assist in age care.

So I guess this was my key point at wanting to know more. Thus my AI image is of us meeting her Service Robots! I left wanting to by a TEMI robot! LOL


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