NLP Ideas and Chatbots

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Examples of How NLP can be used in the classroom are:

Presentation Translator

Where students can apply thisw addon, onto PowerPoints shared by teachers so it can translate teachers speech for students who may require learning support or have other needs. Similarly, this type of features can also be used to translate language for EALD students. This system can be applied to any voice assitant technologies including Google Translate.

Other types of AI chatbots like Grammarly or Gradeproof  which checks word processed work for spelling and grammar. Students could use cognimates to create similar chatbots but for specific language and vocabularly that they are studying in the classroom.

Finally Blink the Bee is another easy and great way students can start using NLP and chatbots to design to do list.

Students can create their own AI for the AI for Good Challenge:




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