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I am a words person! I love the English language and if more time persisted in a day I would enjoy the challenge of learning other languages. Therefore, understanding NLP is a LOT easier than understanding Computer Vision (see my last post).

The thought process of words grouping together and grading words and using this in AI is easy to understand. I of course then had a play with TwinWord, FamilyFeud and Semantris. We use many, many mind maps during writing and inquiry lessons and to use TwinWord as a tool would be one of the many strategies to help students understand AI.

My idea in the classroom would be to try the Congamites website…again, developing a text AI project. I would attempt to use the program to help students with social issues in the playground. If they posed some of the problems they face or may face in the playground such as-no one to play with, someone took their sports’ equiptment  or they fell over.
The next step would be for students to generate solutions to the problem. Hopefully this would help them both understand AI and also ease any social problems they may have in the playground.


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