Computer Vision….to be continued

Computer Vision

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This is a section I think I need to read more than once. I haven’t ever given a lot of thought into how computer images are produced and I still remember being amazed by the technical process of what happens when you press a letter on the keyboard and it then is represented on the screen (which I learnt in the first CSER course).
I do understand the process of putting data in to a computer such as images of cats and dogs and then for the computer to detect whether a new image is a cat or a dog. I did try the process in Cognimates using swans and pelicans however I didn’t have the patience to see the whole process through. I will persist though.

What is great about these courses is that the information is accessible at any time, for example a fellow teacher asked about QR codes and I knew where to access the information stratight away from my previous CSER course. This gives me reassurance to know that I don’t have to understand everything on the first read or master everything on the first try but the information is here.

This hiccup in my learning is not going to deter me in continuing, I have confidence in my learning and the set out of the CSER course that I will learn about this ‘AI stuff’.

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