AI Examples – #SecondaryAI

Just recently my sister bought a new car. Just a standard middle size vehicle/SUV ( RAV4).

I was surprised at how much “advanced driver assist” it had in it. there was pedestrian/object alert when something was close to the car, lane change warning but what impressed me the most was the cruise control options.

you can set cruise control but it had an extra setting where you could tell it the distance you wanted it to be be behind a vehicle. So as you are travelling behind a vehicle it will automatically adjust the speed and set itself at the distance behind the vehicle you requested.

These features highlighted to me how close we are to having autonomous vehicles in or everyday lives and on the roads with us.

Australian mining is leading the way with autonomous vehicles/ trucks now doing most of the driving in the big mine sites.

As with change many people are scared of AI and how it will take over humanity, the media doesn’t help, but the more I read and learn about AI, the more I feel it will help humanity. Our cars are already using it to help save lives.

It is vitally important that we as educators are leading the way in helping change the mindset that AI is working WITH and FOR humanity and not trying to replace it.

I found this article interesting whilst trying to figure out if “Advanced Driver Assist” was just sensors or AI.


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