Computer Vision Technology

Computer Vision is the ability for machines to recognise objects in images or videos. It is able to discover patterns and learn to recognise objects on its own.

This type of technology is currently being used to help scientists identify cancerous cells in patients, identify liscence plate numbers, in face recognition on media platforms such as facebook and instagram, and even in self driving cars.

The last one fascinates me the most. How is a car able to use the images to drive all by itself? Well it relies on cameras, radars and ultrasonic sensors to provide information to the cars computer, telling the car that it has seen a person, another car, road signs, or other objects.

The fact that a car is able to use this computer vision technology to mimic human sight and make a decision about what it has seen and act swiftly and safely is truely amazing.

This is an area that fascinates me and I look forward to learning more about it.




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