During the course I tried one of the suggested AI tools called “Quick, Draw!”. If you havent tried it I suggest you do, it is a short, fun activity that helps illustrate how a computer is able to tell what an image is based on what you draw.

It is able to do this because of the features in the picture. I was asked to draw a sea turtle. In my drawing a drew a shell, head and flippers. Based on those features the comuter was able to determine that what I was drawing was a turtle.

The computer has analysed thousands of other people’s drawings of sea turtles and used the features from those drawings to deduce, with accuracy, that my drawing was of a sea turtle too.

This activity has helped further my understanding of how computer vision is able to distinguish what objects are, and that ordinary people, like myself, who complete the AI activities like “Quick, Draw!”, are helping build and develop computer datasets.

The website for the Quick, Draw activity can be found on this website

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