NLP Concepts

Hi AI community,

I must confess I have not had any experience teaching NLP or using NLP tools. Therefore I have chosen to reflect on some of the concepts around NLP.

I guess for me, the biggest challenge surrounding teaching NLP is human langauge itself. After doing some research and readings, I found that NLP programs have difficulty automatically detecting sarcasm and irony, and still struggles to with the complexities of speech like similes and metaphors. Because of this, students and teachers using NLP tools to create an application need to be aware of this challenge and need to work together to overcome them.

Because I am very new to AI and especially NLP, in order to teach this area I would be looking for support in identifying and applying appropriate NLP tools for students to use. I think that trying to find a reliable and practical tool would be extremely beneficial.

Before I finish, whilst reading and watching the content of this lesson, I have gained more of an  understanding of how NLP is used in our everyday lives, and has made me think of the opportunities there is in the classroom to use this tool.

I have attached a link down the bottom that I found interesting as I was researching more about NLP. Hope you enjoy it.

Thanks, Jake.


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