Introducing AI Option 4

The ethical considerations of AI

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Learning Intention – To develop an awareness of some of the ethical considerations of developing AI.

Pose the question, Is it a good idea to build autonomous killer robots?

1: Discuss each of the components of the question, in particular the idea of a machine being autonomous. Provide opportunities for children to build their own understanding of the difference between a machine that is controlled by a remote pitlot, and an autonomous machine.

2: Think, pair, share initial ideas about how students feel about this concept. Yes or no? Explain their thinking to a partner and then take a poll.

3: Allow opportunities for students to examine positive forms of AI being used in the community, health, home, school, industry etc. Can students explain why any of these forms of AI might not be controversial compared with autonomous killer robots.

4: Explain the concept of rules of engagement, war crimes etc. Have students create their own list of rules that they think should apply to human soldiers. Share these with the class to create a set of laws. Can anyone find a loophole in these laws? That is, are there opportunities to carry out unethical or immoral acts that would not break these laws.

5: Students to listen to ABC Short and Curly Podcast on Killer Robots.

6: Think, Pair, Share. Students to examine the original question and decide if their ideas or feelings have changed, firmed or wavered in any way. Explain their thinking.

7: Poll the class again and see if there is a different result.

8: Are there any implications on other forms of AI and how they are applied? FOr example, in health care etc.

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