Option 1: Unpacking a key AI concept or concepts

I could build this into biological science, where we have been looking at the physical and physiological attributes of various animals and how these adaptations allow them to live in their environments successfully.  Considering these attributes, how we could categorise the animals?

Using pictures of a range of animals with annotations about features, students complete a blind sort.  Students are given the opportunity to explain their sorting rules, and a class discussion about similarities and differences follows.  

Introduce labels and features using the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xr5LeWKbVnY beginning at 35 seconds.  

Look at how machines can learn to categorise things as well.


Students can teach the computer to categorise text, pictures, numbers or sounds by conducting trials of providing examples and testing, until the computer learns what to do.

There is also a quiz regarding machine learning that students may complete while waiting for testing to run.

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