Primary Lesson plan on AI

The lesson plan is one based on discussing ethics in AI technology and how it works in society, open class discussion and cross over with English is included:

AI ethics

Year level 12



Students will discuss and form debating teams that argue whether AI should have rights in the human world.


Suggested steps

  1. The class will start with a video of different types of AI and a video that features the yellow robot opening the door after the video, the floor is opened to the class in order to discuss what we think ethics means and how it works for people.
  2. Then the class will discuss talking about how it would work for animals, and why it would be different.
  3. After this, computers will be discussed and how ethics concerns them, then discuss how the AI can emulate or possibly have feelings, and what that means for today’s society.
  4. Students will form two groups, where they will debate over whether AI should have ethics or not.


  • What does society have to gain from AI?
  • How should we look at/approach AI?
  • Should there be ethics towards AI?
  • Is an algorithm all that different to something we learn?


Why is this relevant?

Students will learn more about algorithms and how they play a role in AI. The current place AI has in society, what the future could be. How we can build and learn to use AI. How ethics plays a part in all domains of society. (Assessment Type 3: Issues Analysis.)


Students will produce a 6-minute digital presentation on AI and how it fits in our daily lives, showing their understanding, analysis and evaluation of ethical matters concerning AI and their role in society.
Students will also need to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of the availability, operation, and management of AI technology to support the processing, management, and communication of information.

Curriculum links

Links with the Digital Technologies curriculum area


Year band

Strand Content description
Years [12] Knowledge and Understanding U3       Understanding of the impact of social, ethical, and/or legal issues related to information-processing and publishing technologies.


Years [12] Processes and Production Skills DA3    Application of layout and design principles to the production of text-based documents or presentations.

AE1     Analysis and evaluation of the impact of social, ethical, and/or legal issues related to information-processing and publishing technologies.



ADD Links with other curriculum areas


Year band

Learning area Content description
Years [12] English ·         evaluating the choice of mode and medium in shaping the response of audiences, including digital texts (ACEEN003)

·         personal, social and cultural context (ACEEN009)

·         drawing on a range of technologies in, for example, research, communication and representation of ideas (ACEEN012)

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