Task: Teaching AI

Activity Plan


  • Applying introductory lesson of theory of AI concepts into practical use


  • Develop an AI model using Cognimates
  • Integrate it to build an AusLan finger spelling converter, converting finger spelling and/or symbols into text and/or speech


  • Multiple images of each letter in AusLan finger spelling
  • uClassify account
  • Laptops/PCs
  • AusLan language reference


  • Lesson 1
    1. Instruct each student to gather images of hand symbols – 10 images per hand symbol for 5 symbols used in AusLan.
    2. Edit any images to remove any unnecessary details from the images.
    3. Using found images, introduce students to different methods in which recognition systems work using visual diagrams, and how it can be used to develop an AI model that can be used to help us understand another language without knowing the other language. E.g. Google translate.
    4. Ask students how they think the hand images they have collected will be read by the application for it know what they are saying using AusLan hand symbols.
  • Lesson 2
    • Setup Cognimates with relevant uClassify user information inputted.
    • Develop a visual AI model, setting up 5 categories (eg. ‘A’, ‘B’, ‘C’, ‘D’, ‘E’). One for each of the five hand symbol meanings chosen by the students, and upload the images into their appropriate category.
    • Use Cognimates drag and drop programming environment to build a translation program. Translating from hand symbol to text or speech.
  • Extra Challenge if required
    • Translating text or emotions in to hand symbols

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(Image sourced from https://www.twinkl.com.au/resource/amp/t2-e-3474-auslan-alphabet-display-posters)


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