Unit #2—NLP & AI

I love that these techniques can be used in the teaching of writing, giving more breadth to the idea of AI in education, rather than concentrating on whether AI will replace teachers.

The success and failure of AI can be seen in the image here where the word “convert” can have two meanings, dependent on context.

There’s a whole world of discussion here as to the meaning of context, other people’s point of view (including the AI’s point of view!)

This can lead to a clearer approach to descriptive or persuasive writing, and lead to a discussion of bias in AI text processing, linked to visual biases that may have come up in earlier visual recognition activities.

AI can also illuminate how we humans learn: repetition, context and so forth.

Combining this activity with the use of translate.google.com to translate text from English tom, say, French, then back to English again, perhaps via a third language can bring up some rich discussions about how we express ourselves.


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