Introducing AI


Artificial intelligence (AI) is the ability of a digital computer or computer-controlled robots/gadgets to perform tasks commonly associated with intelligence of human beings. Children will learn about applications of AI, hardware parts and its working domains through various apps and games.

To make children –
• understand the term AI
• understand the different hardware parts used in AI
• understand the difference between Robotics and AI
• work with sensing input & its execution using scratch
• apply condition in programming
• learn to use different gaming apps of AI
• understand the basic domains of AI it works on

To make children-
• aware of different application of AI at different places(education, health care, social media etc.)
• aware of different applications of AI used to fight against the pandemic disease CORONA-COVID 19
• understand the use of AI in future
• learn the importance of Step wise thinking
• problem solving
• apply reasoning to make decisions
• enhance their logical and analytical skills by making programs/ procedures.

Teaching Aids:
• Text book
• PC
• Projector (for demonstration)

A. Introduction to AI:-
– Children will be introduced with AI through examples – Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant, Smart city, Smart home, chat bot. Auto driven car,
Sophia a humanoid robot etc.
– A video will be shown – (introduction)
– For the better understanding a PPt on Artificial Intelligence will be shown

B. Applications of AI –
– Applications of AI in different areas will be discussed in class –

– For better understanding a video will be shown –
(Applications of AI)

– Children will be introduced with different applications of AI(chat bot, AI camera, forcast, zafi robot and Karmi bot) used to fight against the pandemic disease CORONA-COVID 19

C. Images of different types of hardware used in AI will be shown, eg. Arduino, Raspberry pi, sensors (voice/clap/light), camera, mic, speakers, connectors etc.

D. Robotics being a part of Artificial Intelligence will be explained through a video –

E. Games of AI:
– Building blocks and board games in AI lab (Kit games)
– Google chrome Dionsaur game (cardboard pattern game)

– Brainvita game (game of placing the marbles)

– Color code logic game –

F. AI gaming apps –
1. line puzzle string art game –
Link to download –
Link of youtube –

2. Unblock logic puzzle-
Link to download –
Link of youtube –

Critical Thinking:
– How we can use AI to achieve the UNSD Goals

• Through practical test (assignment given in the lab).
• Class activities

Skill Developed:
• Understanding
• Data handling
• Application
• Procedure
• Logical Thinking
• Imagination & Creativity
Learning Outcome:
Child will be able to –
– To think logically and to understand the importance of step by step working.
– Identify and appreciate Artificial Intelligence and describe its applications in daily life.
– apply conditions in program
– apply reasoning to make decisions
– work with sensing input

Interdisciplinary: Apart from Computer subject we can relate it with other subjects also –
Maths: Few Math puzzle games related to four basic mathematical operations.
Science: Model making using sensors eg. To check humidity in soil, Smart dustbins etc.

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