Introducing AI

Hello Children! Have you ever heard about the term “Artificial Intelligence”? Today, we are going to unpack the key concepts of Artificial Intelligence. We can also use the term “AI” as the abbreviation of Artificial Intelligence.

If you are given a bunch of pencils and erasers and you are told to create separate bunches of both, are you able to complete this task? Well yes! Why? Because, you have the ability to sense and differentiate between the two. You have Natural Intelligence. If the same task is given to a machine, will it be able to complete the task? Think yourself! Does a machine has the ability to think and act accordingly?

There are some machines that can think like a human being and have a characteristic called Artificial Intelligence. So, Artificial intelligence is the creation of intelligent machines to copy human behaviour like how human sense, reason, act, and adapt.

Examples: Below are videos of some examples of AI which you can quickly check:

  1. Self-Driving Cars:


2. AIpoly- An Application for Blind People:

3. To Monitor Animals:

History of Artificial Intelligence:

In 1950, an English Mathematician, Alan Turing, was struggling with the question: “If humans use available information, as well as reason, to solve problems and make decisions – then, why can’t machines do the same thing?”. By this question, the concept of Artificial Intelligence came out and Alan Turing became an explorer in Artificial Intelligence. Below is the picture of Alan Turing.

Later on, an Artificial Intelligence machine, called the “Bombe” was developed by a team of scientists, mathematicians and cryptographers, led by Alan Turing to crack ‘Enigma code’ used by German forces in World War Two that were used to send encrypted messages back and forth.

The term “Artificial Intelligence” was coined in 1955 by John McCarthy at the first Dartmouth conference. He is known as the “Father of Artificial Intelligence”.

Evolution of Artificial Intelligence:

That’s it for today. I hope you are now aware of what artificial intelligence is and how it can make our lives easy.

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