Teaching AI

The lesson plan is one based on discussing ethics in AI technology and how it works in society, open class discussion.

AI ethics


The class will start a edited movie “Ex Machina”. the video show that AI could attack people.
Then students will write their opinions and feelings about the movie and share the opinions.
After this, students will go to their group and find some movies or novels that show the future problems concerned AI technology.
Then students will come to class, collect the thoughts and classify the problem’s sort.

lesson 2

The class will start edited videos of Black Mirror(netflix series) that have only positive parts. then students classify the problems that classified last lesson and the video again.
after this, students think and share their opinions about ethics, rights, etc that must included in law about AI technology.

How should we look at/approach AI?
Should there be ethics towards AI?
Do you think AI is really helpful to develop in our society?

Students will have a oral evaluation. first students will read a similar situation that discovered in last lessons. then will show their understanding, analysis and right, resonable judgment.

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