Quick draw in AI for Kindy Kids

I am looking at an existing unit of work in the S&T curriculum where we look at Living and Non-Living things.

We have previously introduced the use of BeeBots on mats and played games where students had to program their BeeBot to find say a living thing.

We had also then had students create paper mache animals with add on that fitted over the BeeBots. We found that at times it was difficult to recognise the animals even though we had done lots of work on body parts and features.

Having just tried out Quick Draw https://quickdraw.withgoogle.com/

I am thinking that using it in this unit would not only be simple introduction to AI for Kindy students but also “train them” to recognise better the features of animals their are making which will make it easier for other people to recognise!

I also see a close link between the learning in AI and developing students writing skills.




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