Mapping your life

On weekends my partner and I deliver flowers all around the Sunshine Coast; a conglomerate of suburbs and townships.  What started as a short term way to earn some extra pocket money, has now become our Saturday ritual.  We get paid to drive around loaded with stunning bouquets, intricate arrangements and yummy treats and being greeted at the door by happy customers  – what’s not to enjoy right?

My role is official navigator and I have discovered over the past few years that Google Maps is getting really clever with its hidden AI.  It now predicts our preferred routes, anticipates which street we are searching for after just 2 letters and when street names are spelt incorrectly, gives us a range of options nearby – I mean it knows exactly where we are.  Plus aside from traffic reports, toll roads, roadworks and a minute rundown of alternate routes I swear it now also boasts a stalking feature.   My daughter has found a way via some ‘parasite app’ I call it, that sends her a notification of when I am nearing home.  This astounds me no end!

I am confident that there is a way to compile data of all the travelling done, which houses receive flowers the most, which streets are most often taken and which florist is our biggest customer just through Google Maps.  All I am waiting on now is being able to punch in all the addresses and let it work out my entire running sheet whilst I sit back and chill in my driverless car

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