Introduction to AI Lesson

AI Policy Congress - Part 2 Democratizing AI through Transparency and  Education - Internet Policy Research Initiative at MIT

  1. Unpack the concept ‘Artificial Intelligence’ through Think Pair Share.
  2. Explain how computers can be ‘trained’ to be ‘intelligent’.
  3. Watch this video that further explains AI: 
  4. Ask the class if they think a computer could guess their emotions? Could the computer work out if they are happy, sad or angry? Discuss.
  5. Demonstrate the application of AI using Teachable Machine
  6. Students come up with their own training data and project to consolidate understanding. Some prompts, can you teach the machine to…
    • name your classmates?
    • categorise the items in your pencil case?
    • read?
  7. Invite students to share their project with the class.

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