Bias in Facial Recognition

Lesson: Does the computer see what I see?

Activitity 1: students email/bring in photos of themselves from 1 year, 5 year and now. The photos are scanned an uploaded. Students complete a table to guess the person. Were some faces easier than others? Had some students changed more over time?

Activity 2: students collect vast images of an animal of their choice by classification within that animal group (in groups). Repeating the process, students in other groups try to assign the animals to categories. As students may be less familiar with the animals, they will appreciate the complexity of nuances.

Activity 3: students prepare a debate (for/against) the use of facial recognition to record attendance at assembly. Students consider bias and how their information is used.

Students will have explored AI through hands-on age appropriate activities to understand how facial recognition software works and consider the underlying bias behind the programs.


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