Blob Opera musical AI

The Blob Opera AI ( is an innovative extension to the Chrome Music Lab experiments ( that allow students to interact with digital sound and light (aligning with physical science Science Content Knowledge). I was surprised at the in-built complexity behind the simplicity of playing with the blobs which I think is key to bringing students into AI: to critique the interactivity with the cognitive science behind the scenes. This allows the AI to be explored across a range of age groups. This application of AI through music will appeal to students and facilitate further interest to explore sound recognition.

I also found the Cognimates experiments could be a solid way to introduce the fundamentals of AI to students whereby students comprehend that the machine must receive input in order to ‘learn’ and predict.

As with all technology, the context and purpose of the lesson needs to be reinforced to ensure the novelty or interest in the technology does not cloud the learning opportunities integrating technology with subject matter content.

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