Task 2.5

Option 1.

I tried the Cognimates ‘train text’ after ‘train vision’. I have to say, not a big fan of these programs.

  • same as ‘train vision’, ‘train text’ was also hard to use: to set up a training section, you have to come up/gather at least 10 sentences/pictures per category and minimal 2 categories are required to even begin the test. Have to say I lost patient after creating one category and it would be even hard to for younger kids to focus.
  • when an issue occurs there are barely any support or tips to help user to solve the issue. For example, I got stuck on step 4 with ‘train vision’ because apparently doing exactly what each section asked is not good enough to let it run a test. I was hoping to see some sort of trouble shooting pages or even potential suggestions and all I got was a small box at the corner states ‘It doesn’t work’.
  • interesting idea, but this program needs a lot more work. I do understand what it is trying to get across but the experience is not pleasant for both vision and text.

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