Teaching AI

Can AI recognise what you draw?

Year level [F-2]



Students use AUTODRAW website to experience how AI guesses what they draw.

Suggested steps

  1. Draw a few things on the whiteboard and let students guess what are they.
  2. Discuss how can we recognise and make decisions on their guessing. What are the features? What colors are used?
  3. Load AUTODRAW and start experiments. https://www.autodraw.com/
  4. Discuss finding, compare students’ work and AI suggestions for similarities and differences




  • Share learning about AI


Why is this relevant?

Machine learning: data representation and abstraction, feature extraction and image classification


Try this website with your parents and discuss what you learnt today.

Curriculum links

Links with the Digital Technologies curriculum area


Year band

Strand Content description
Years [F-2] Knowledge and Understanding Recognise and explore patterns in data and represent data as pictures, symbols and diagrams

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