Introduction. Task 1.

Hi everyone…Karl from Sydney. Primary. 11-12 yr olds. On class. Just started new school..and currently in lockdown. Previous life in old school had me teaching Dig Tech M-F to K-6. So life currently has minimal Dig Tech for me. But when Lockdown finishes I will be back to weekend work with a G&T coding group and holiday mentoring with Lego Robotics  Group. So I need something to keep me sane..whilst confined to house. Hence AI course. Primarily my passion is Robotics and coding..which I find AI naturally works with. Currently exploring Scratch coding and Machine Learning activities. If the video link works out….you will see what I have got up to in a previous lifetime. Hoping to get back to a Dig Tech position eventually…but they are rare to find in Sydney with Primary schools. Feel free to reach out and say Hi. Karl.

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