UNIT 2 Task – Data Transmission

The very foundational (introduction) to the concept of data transmission using the train stations analogy, using the video from MOOC by CSER https://youtu.be/XqS-bmbqaeQ

Modelling this transmission using paper cut-outs in the shapes of a rails, stations, persons but re-labelling (writing with a pen) the terms of the network components (e.g. the paper in the shape of the house would have the word “node” written on it).


Once each group of students have created their own network – they could be displayed on large walls across the classroom. The question arises – how do networks connect “talk” to each other?


This is where the video from code.org comes in (https://youtu.be/5o8CwafCxnU ) to explore.

Students use colour-coded labels to record more terms and add to the physical display. For the connections across the rooms – cotton thread could be used for modelling.

This could lead to the discussion of physical components of data transmission – cables, wireless, routers – students conduct their own research on that.

Sample website for info:


Sample materials mentioned in the article could be brought to the classroom to share (see and touch).

A professional working in the industry (e.g. the internet cable guy) could be invited for Q&A session.

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