Title: AI in the Real World


Understand how AI is used in a real-world context.

Analyse the benefits and drawbacks of AI in a specific industry

Introduction (5 minutes):

Begin by asking the students if they have heard of artificial intelligence and what they know about it. Write down their responses on the board.

Introduce that we will be looking at a real-world situation where AI is being used, and we will analyse its benefits and drawbacks.

Body (20 minutes):

Distribute handouts to students, which describe a real-world example of AI being used in a specific industry (e.g. healthcare, education, finance).

Read together and ask students to identify the benefits and drawbacks of AI in that context. They can write their responses on a worksheet or in their notebooks.

Analysing and discussing together their findings. Write the benefits and drawbacks they identify on the board.

Show pictures or videos of AI in action in that industry to help students visualize how it works.

Conclusion (5 minutes):

Summarize the main points of the lesson and ask students if they have any questions or comments.


Evaluate student participation and engagement during class discussion.

Assess student understanding through their analysis and their identification of the benefits and drawbacks of AI.

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